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Date of Publication : 5 July 2019

It all began Once Upon A Time…
Only these aren’t the fairytales you grew up with.
Featuring 16 stories by 16 authors.
Stacey Jaine McIntosh | Zoey Xolton | Beth W. Patterson | Tristan Hurree | Stephanie Ellis | Andra Dill | Jill Hand | Christie-Lee Louis | Violette L. Meier | Aziza Sphinx | Isabella Hunter | Kerry-Lee Holder | D.J Tyrer | Joanna Koch | Cindar Harrell | Shebat Legion



divinity ebook final 2


Date of Publication : 25 October 2019

Stories of Gods and Goddesses have enthralled us all for millennia.
While some are benevolent, others are not – but all are divine. 
Featuring stories by 19 authors.
Beth W. Patterson | Cindar Harrell | Andrea L. Staum | Umair Mirxa | Elizabeth Montague | Rennie St. James | Zoey Xolton | Joshua D. Taylor | Isabella Hunter | Sam M. Phillips | Stacey Jaine McIntosh | Matthew M. Montelione | Archit R. Joshi | Vonnie Winslow Crist | Gabriella Balcom | Christie-Lee Louis | A.S. Charly | Lionel Ray Green | V. Mylynne Smith




Hawthorn & Ash

Date of Publication : 6 December 2019

Hawthorn & Ash is a compilation of fantasy drabbles and flash fiction from authors worldwide. Within its pages you’ll find enchanting stories of myth, legends and fairytales woven throughout. Dive into the magic and wonder of these 50+ tales in Vol. 1.




The Best of Iron Faerie Publishing 2019

Date of Publication : 15 January 2020

Retold fairytales with new and unexpected twists, epic tales of Gods and Goddesses and flashes of fantasy all rolled into one spectacular collection compiling the best stories published by Iron Faerie in 2019!

Featuring 18 compelling stories by 18 authors.



mythica final


Date of Publication : 18 March 2020

Enter a world of myth and magic, where gryphons fly, and dragons hoard unbelievable treasures the likes of which you’ve never seen. Delight in fantastical tales of unicorns, selkies, manticores, kitsunes and more.
Featuring 20 stories by 20 authors.
John H. Dromey | Vonnie Winslow Crist | K.A. Masters | Galina Trefil | Isabella Hunter | L.T. Waterson | Majanka Verstraete | K.B. Elijah | A.S. Charly | Zoey Xolton | Joshua D. Taylor | Vickie J. Litten | Amber M. Simpson | David W. Landrum | Cindar Harrell | Andra Dill | G. Allen Wilbanks | K. Parr | Barbara Robinson | Stacey Jaine McIntosh



FAERIE anthology cover


Date of Publication : 24 June 2020

Stories about faeries have captivated people the world over – children and adults alike.
Join us in tales of mischief, wonder and adventure where creatures of light and dark await.

Featuring 14 stories by 13 authors.

Vonnie Winslow Crist | Zoey Xolton | Sasha Hanton | Joshua D. Taylor | G. Allen Wilbanks | K.A Masters | Daniel Purcell | Cindar Harrell | Stacey Jaine McIntosh | Rachel Pudsey | Angela Zimmerman | Galina Trefil | A.S. Charly



Princess_eBook_SPARKLES final


Date of Publication : 15 July 2020

This is Once Upon a Time… with a twist!
What happens when you combine fairy tale Princesses and Speculative Fiction?
You get a great many stories of wonder and intrigue with a dash of magic and scifi thrown in for good measure.
Because everything is better with Princesses!

Featuring microfiction by:

Andra Dill
Andrea L. Staum
Beth W. Patterson
Chris Bannor
Cindar Harrell
Georgina Stancer
McKenzie Richardson
Rowanne S. Carberry
Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Zoey Xolton



villains draft cover 1


Date of Publication : September 2020


Hexed final 1


Date of Publication : October 31 2020