When submitting to Iron Faerie Publishing please remember the Submission Guidelines.

Each submission should include a brief and polite introduction addressed to the Editor. Please make sure to include the following:

  • Your name, legal name and pen name (if you use one).
  • The title of your submission.
  • The submission’s word count.
  • The title of the anthology that you are submitting to.
  • Author Bio written in 3rd person (150 words or less).
  • Up to three (3) links. No amazon author page links.

The following formatting is more or less industry standard, and our preference.

  • Your submission should be in Shunn Short Story Format, and in Times New Roman 12 point font.
  • No tabs.
  • .doc and .docx. only.

When sending your submission, please remember the following:

  • All submissions should be sent to:
  • All submissions close at midnight of the specified date according to Australian Western Standard Time (AWST; UTC+08:00), unless filled early.
  • Email subject lines should read in the following format: ANTHOLOGY NAME – Title – Author Name (eg. HAWTHORN & ASH – Brid’s Lament – A.N. Author)

Responses to submissions will be sent no later than 28 days after the SUBMISSION CALL has CLOSED.

We always respond to each and every submission.

At this time we ARE NOT accepting novel submissions.

We DO NOT ACCEPT simultaneous submissions.