Hawthorn & Ash #7


Welcome to this week’s installment of many micro stories, ranging in length from 100 words to 500 words.

With each story we hope to deliver a little whimsy into the lives of our readers.

The story below is a tiny tale about the element of wind and the mischief of faeries.

Play Date

“You need to apologize to Mistress Wind.”

“She tricked me one time too many.” Dyrfri lay sprawled beneath a cluster of snapdragons and daisies.

“We’re going to shrivel into dried husks if she doesn’t break this heat. You make her laugh. Please, Dyrfri,” pleaded a pixie with wings the color of breaking dawn.

Grumbling, he hauled himself upright using the nearest green stem.

“I’m sorry, Mistress. Please come out and play,” he beseeched.

Wind tickled the flowers, making their petals dance. Cries of joy turned to howls of outrage as she whipped the pixies into the air like dandelion fluff.

When not daydreaming about plot lines and characters Andra Dill practices yoga, reads voraciously, and drinks too much coffee. She loves road trips and going off on wild tangents. Andra writes in multiple genres—including but not limited to—urban fantasy, steamy romance, paranormal romance, and horror.

Follow her on Twitter @aedill, on Instagram andradillauthor, and  www.facebook.com/andradillauthor


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